Our Policy Priorities

The Coalition advocates for a comprehensive, consensus-based policy agenda that focuses on public awareness, social services, health services, innovation, and research. Overarchingly, we highlight the opportunity for cross-agency and cross-sector solutions. Alongside our members, who bring with them diverse perspectives and expertise, the Coalition presents the following targeted and evidence-based legislative and regulatory policy recommendations to address the impact of social isolation and loneliness and ensure greater social connection for all populations.

Our Policy Goals

Increase public awareness

We must increase awareness and understanding of social isolation and loneliness as well as highlight solutions to promote connection. Increasing awareness will have a multiplying effect on our other policy goals, such as improving access to and uptake of relevant services and supports and promoting research.

Enhance social services and support

Although solutions to address social isolation, loneliness, and connection will vary, stakeholders should leverage existing social services and supports. This is particularly timely with the recent interest in addressing health-related social needs (HRSN) and drivers of disparities.

Advance health services and supports

Social connection is a social determinant of health that affects physical, emotional, and mental health. Healthcare payers, providers, and policymakers must consider how to best utilize health services and supports to strengthen the protective factor of social connection.

Leverage innovative solutions

Advances in technologies hold the promise to connect individuals with people, services, and programs. Continued innovation in telehealth, social networks, assistive devices, and other consumer solutions may address social isolation and loneliness, while acknowledging the potential risk these technologies may have in increasing a sense of disconnection.

Advance research

Our policy goals are informed by evidence on the effects of isolation and loneliness and effective interventions. We urge policymakers to promote research activities and dissemination by reauthorizing legislation, advocating for federal research grants, and working with organizations representing researchers to summarize the knowledge base and current gaps in research.

Explore Our Policy Priorities by Sector

We believe all sectors of society must be leveraged to effectively reduce social isolation and loneliness. We call upon stakeholders from all backgrounds to explore what they can advocate for to address this epidemic.

Latest Advocacy

CESIL on Capitol Hill

As a result of our collective advocacy, we have seen an unprecedented level of momentum toward building socially connected communities and addressing social isolation and loneliness. See how the Coalition is contributing to this progress by viewing our letters of support, comments, and legislative endorsements.