The Coalition is proud to work with our partners and members in working towards ending social isolation and loneliness.

Our Committees & Working Groups

The Coalition has created committees and working groups made up of our members to discuss and guide the Coalition’s work. These committees and working groups help us further increase awareness of social isolation and loneliness as well as identify and promote solutions. If you would like to access this member benefit, please reach out to us below!

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee meets monthly to spearhead the Coalition’s policy and advocacy work. Throughout the year, the Committee ensures the Coalition’s policy priorities are comprehensive, consensus-based, and rooted in evidence. In addition, the Committee leads the Coalition’s engagement with congressional champions, as well as leaders at the state and local levels and supports the organizing for Advocacy Day each Global Loneliness Awareness Week in June.

Communications Committee

Our Communications Committee strategizes on a quarterly basis about sharing our message from the individual level all the way up to a global stage. We engage in national awareness campaigns and activate through different forms of media to generate momentum around awareness and education. The Committee also plays a key role in supporting the planning, agenda setting, and media strategy for our annual Global Loneliness Awareness Summit.

Young Adults Working Group

In partnership with Coalition Steering Member Eventbrite, we launched this working group to facilitate a space for organizations and individuals to discuss key considerations when addressing our young adult population (18-25), recognize and assess contributing factors, identify potential public policy and government affairs solutions, and foster possible innovations and interventions to develop and collaborate on. We would like to include many perspectives and backgrounds to strengthen diversity of thought and experiences. The group convenes virtually on a monthly basis.

Older Adults Working Group

In this working group, Coalition members dedicated to serving older adults (65+ years old) convene to address the challenges facing the aging population as loneliness and social isolation become prevalent later in life. Chaired by CESIL Member Maureen Feldman of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the Older Adults Working Group currently focuses on impact measurement of programs and interventions designed to support connection among older adults. The Working Group frequently hears from experts in the field to better inform their efforts. The group convenes virtually on a monthly basis.

Network Highlights

Our Members

The Coalition is proud to collaborate with its members throughout all of our advocacy and activation efforts. Our members consist of national and local stakeholders including consumer groups, patient advocacy groups, health plans, community-based organizations, mental and behavioral health advocates, and private sector innovators.