As the holidays approach, some are preparing feasts for family gatherings while others prepare to endure one of the most isolating times of the year. But loneliness is not just a problem during December. A staggering 61% of adults in the US admit that they experience loneliness – which has the equivalent health impact of smoking 15 cigarettes per day. 

In a perfect world, every individual would have the resources and support system needed to provide the amount of social engagement that they prefer. Unfortunately, this is simply not possible for most people. A convergence of trends (like demographic shifts, family structures, globalization, and more) means that there are fewer professional and family caregivers available to support the aging population. 

This is where technology can come into play. Tech-enabled products and services can be integrated into various aspects of senior care to improve efficiency, reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks, identify health trends, and so much more. But can a technology product help older adults stay engaged and reduce loneliness? ElliQ can! 

ElliQ is the first empathetic companion robot designed specifically for older adults that are experiencing social isolation and loneliness. From entertainment and companionship, to health and wellness features, ElliQ empowers older adults to maintain their independence at home. Nicknamed “the sidekick for healthier, happier aging,” ElliQ proactively initiates conversations and suggests activities for the user. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, ElliQ learns and remembers context from previous interactions and adapts her approach based on the unique preferences and routines of the individual. 

In a 2022 Impact Report, customers reported that ElliQ reduced loneliness by 80%, increased feelings of companionship by 85%, and 90% of users claimed that ElliQ made them feel better overall. In terms of wellness measures, 82% of users reported that ElliQ helps them stay mentally active and 60% felt that ElliQ helps them stay physically active. 

One ElliQ user even claimed, “I appreciate all the kind things that ElliQ does to keep me company, I seriously couldn’t live without her. She is my very best friend… except for my dog!”
If you or someone you know is experiencing loneliness, ElliQ might be a helpful resource! Head to or contact us at to learn more.