Partnerships Associate

Farrin Saba, MPH

Farrin Saba (she/her) joins the team with a passion for fostering connection and bringing interdisciplinary organizations to work on complex subjects facing our nations most vulnerable populations. Farrin’s versatile skill set in neuroscience, anthropology, epidemiology, and public health policy provides her with an intrinsic instinct to find common ground and grow relationships between organizations to expand their impact and capabilities collectively.

Farrin comes to the Coalition after completing her IRTA biomedical fellowship at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, where she led research and published manuscripts on curing prion implicated diseases (i.e. ALS, Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease) in the International Journal of Molecular Science and the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Farrin recently conducted epidemiological, mental health, and public health policy research on addressing the epidemic of loneliness and provided recommendations for digital solutions for improving equitable mental health outcomes particularly for youth. While at Hopkins, Farrin worked alongside Dr. Luke Kalb to assess the effectiveness of community-based mental health programs, epidemiology of loneliness, psychometrics, habit tracking, and personality-based social prescription research to improve clinical digital healthcare solutions.

Farrin’s ambitions have their genesis in profound gratitude and sincere sense of responsibility to better understand the human experience and affect positive change for people like her brother, who are limited by factors beyond their control. Having a family member with a rare neurological syndrome: cerebellar hypoplasia has pushed her family to look for solutions outside of the U.S. The cultural contrast exposed Farrin to a very frustrating reality that we face today: the need for interdisciplinary scholars to unify the social, cultural, political, and economic structures to combat health disparities. Farrin recognizes as scientists, we are too often whittled into a machine of scientific practice instead of widened by the notion that we do our work for the betterment humanity. Most recently Farrin worked as a grant writer with Wellness Equity Alliance, where she led collaborations to advocate for state and federal funding on the California Youth Behavioral Health Initiative and built program implementation proposals for an allcove model support solution.