Social impact entrepreneur

Kristine Gloria

Dr. Kristine Gloria is a recovering academic, social impact entrepreneur, and dedicated steward of technology for good. Kristine’s expertise sits at the intersection of the human condition and technology with specific interest in youth mental health and wellbeing. 

Kristine serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation for Young Futures. Kristine leads matchmaking efforts to connect the Lab’s mission with like-minded organizations, forging alliances and meaningful collaboration that drive the ecosystem towards innovative solutions for young people to thrive in today’s fast-changing digital age.

Prior to Young Futures, Kristine served as the Head of Data at Blue Fever, where she led the development of Blue Fever’s first chatbot, “Blue,” whose big-sibling energy helped guide users to reflect on their mental and emotional needs. She also served as the Director of Artificial Intelligence for the Aspen Institute, leading multi-stakeholder initiatives on various issues from Trustworthy AI to Empathic Research and Innovation. She is the key architect for the Institute’s portfolio on Wellbeing and Technology. Kristine holds a doctorate in Cognitive Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and is a former fellow with the Internet Policy Research Institute at MIT. She is also a board member for the Foundation for Social Connection.