senior advisor, Innovation Research, Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University

Leigh Graham

Leigh Graham, PhD, MBA is the Senior Advisor for Innovation Research at the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University, where she also holds a faculty appointment with the Department of Sociology. Dr. Graham is an expert on racial and neighborhood equity in urban community development, health, and wellbeing. At the Center, she works to bridge research and practice to improve public sector innovation by maintaining an active research portfolio and collaborating with the university community for scholarly and experiential partnerships. Dr. Graham has published in peer-reviewed journals across a wide range of policy domains, including Housing Policy Debate, Global Environmental Change, The Prison Journal, and The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. While at Ariadne Labs in Boston, Dr. Graham co-led a research and design initiative in partnership with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to address loneliness as a public health crisis by engaging healthcare systems and community-based institutions to reach vulnerable communities.