Human Geographer and Social Scientist

Nina Goldman

Nina is a human geographer with a strong affinity for social science research methods and approaches. She has always been fascinated by cities as places full of opportunities and challenges. Her research is driven by questions like: How can it be that cities are a place for both good and bad health? Which place-based determinants drive loneliness and social isolation? What makes neighborhoods resilient especially in times of crises?

Nina is currently based at the University of Manchester, UK, where she is halfway through a two-year project called “A geography of loneliness”. She has found that research that looks beyond individual-level determinants to identify what explains loneliness and social isolation has only begun to take hold in recent years. This has led her to think about place-based approaches to loneliness (hosting international workshops and working with longitudinal data from the UK) and to review global loneliness policies for the World Health Organization.